Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Was There

It's not nearly enough to say that I loved the film I'm Not There. This is a film that pushes every sense. It's risky, brooding, exhilarating, bemusing, scintillating, and profound. Just like it's subject, Bob Dylan. Todd Haynes, the filmmaker must certainly be the same. The fact that Dylan's persona is presented as 6 people is a good beginning. Certainly the acting, especially Kate Blanchett as the young, iconoclastic, androgynous Dylan, is superb. The music, even the covered versions drives the imagery. It will be interesting to read the reviews, talk about the film with my friends of all ages, and see the film again. I wonder how the views of older and younger Dylan fans will differ? Or if they will?
For those who merely tolerate Dylan, (I suppose there are some) I'd say see this film so that you can experience the power of the medium. History in the making here.

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Kalirati said...

The film still haunts me. Glad I got to see it with you and Katie.