Monday, March 31, 2008

Evening News

First came the picture of a young man whose remains were found and positively identified. Matt Maupin been captured in Iraq, tortured and killed. His parents held out hope. You know the story. You know the drill. In his Army photo, he seemed the picture of health; square jawed and almost a smile. The grainy videotape purporting to be his execution was inconclusive, but that doesn't matter now. Then came the local story of the woman who argued with her husband after mass. She ran him down in church parking lot when the service was over. The photo showed only her mug shot and then the convex, smashed front windshield of their car. He is in the hospital. One month ago she sought and obtained a restraining order against him. Two weeks ago she married him.
What percentage of our news is now medical? Last night we find out that Vytorin doesn't work. Never did. Five Billion dollars in profit later and it's determined to be ineffective. Now that's a heart attack.
Next up a tow truck driver is missing, his truck with needed medication surfaces but he's nowhere in sight. Family is hopeful.
A couple loses a child; prayer the only culprit here. They really believe their faith is all that's necessary. Is this violence? Abuse? Ignorance? Pathos or pathetic?
All this is sandwiched in between the relentless merchandising.

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