Friday, May 30, 2008

Are You For Real?

So Dunkin Donuts has pulled the ad with Rachel Ray because her black and white scarf looks too much like a keffiyeh, the traditional Palestinian scarf. Rachel called her scarf black and white paisley. This would be even more laughable than it is except xenophobia isn't really high humor and the tiny minds that revert to this kind of stereotyping are stunning in their ignorance and paranoia. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, who originally made this ridiculous accusation, called it "Jihadi chic." What's she been drinking?
I gave up donuts and weak coffee ages ago, but any thinking person (there are a few still out there) would certainly need to rethink patronizing any business that bends to this kind of reactionary bullshit.
Up here in Oregon, when we look at the picture we wonder what Rachel Ray is doing in Salem, the state capital. The non-domed capital building is clearly in the background, as well as some nice beautiful Willamette Valley cherry trees in full blossum.
Rachel may have been to Salem, but when she donned the pseudo-controversial scarf she was standing in front of a green screen and the stock file image was photo shopped in by the ad agency.
This bogus issue begs another question. Reality matters little when it comes to the marriage of media and consumerism. So here's Rachel not really wearing this, not really in this city, and not really using this product. All good reasons why you should?
You know, folks, as far back as I can remember, the Chicago police, those historic purveyors of democracy, have worn a black and white check pattern on their hats not unlike the aforementioned image of Palestinian nationalism. I hope Ms. Malkin has made them aware of this.

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Kalirati said...

Bruce, That is crazy! All I can say is that our culture's prejudices tend to crests like waves before they fall. Take the recent public opinion polls regarding gay marriage, over 60% of those polled (and nearly 87% of the younger generation) now think that same sex marriage should be a guaranteed right. Wasn't it a galvanizing issue just four years ago? I take heart in this changing opinion, and hold on to it like a talisman.