Thursday, September 25, 2008

Digital Art

After I accidentally took a dip in Gold Lake (Western Cascades) I knew my digital camera was toast. At least I had the presence of mind to pull out the memory chip. Both the chip and the camera basked in the high lakes sun with me for the next six hours, but by the next morning there was major condensation in the camera.
I did what I could to clean up the camera and was thrilled when my local photo store nerd told me the pictures on the chip could be saved. "There are 25 images on the memory, but corrosion will set in; the camera is history," he said. I took the camera home, set it aside, bought a new one, and turned the page. A month passed. Somehow, I couldn't leave the old Sony Cyber Shot alone. It looked so good, so pristine from the outside, dry. One afternoon last week I placed some new batteries inside and was astonished to see it jump back to life. Of course the flash didn't work, but after pushing the shutter sternly four or five times, it snapped a picture. In the days that followed, the shutter loosened up and I took a dozen pictures. Some come out perfectly, some seem rather faded or too light, some appear out of focus, and some have an impressionist painting look that changes dramatically every time I click ENHANCE on the IPhoto button.
So now I have a "Regular" camera and an "Artsy" one. Here are a few of my newly crafted offerings from this reincarnated paintbrush of a camera.

1. Barack pays a visit to our house
2. My feet
3. A Portland Rose

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