Friday, March 27, 2009

Overheard Conversations #43 and #44

They both looked Southern California. But here they were in downtown Portland having one of those conversations that exemplify how women disclose far more easily than men. The blonde was slightly younger and slightly better looking. The auburn head's eyes wandered more and even caught mine for an instant. Normally I wouldn't listen but what followed caught me off guard.
"He's not like the other guys I've introduced my mother to, I mean he's actually a little overweight and bald, but fiercely intelligent and so different to be around."
Her friend concurred. In a few minutes they were on to other things; vacations in Mexico, career choices, restaurants.
At the Saturday Portland Farmers Market :

"Run Sarah Beth run." Rain pounded, children pounced on mud puddles, toothpicks in dried cherries, walnut-topped oatmeal, Hood River pears and honey crisp apples a dollar a pound.
Native American salmon sellers on cell phones.
"I was told, there would be no potatoes this week."
There were; beautiful, gold and purple, from Joseph, Oregon, earthy and wet.

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