Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Debit This

I thought she was sad. I thought because her head hung down and she was motionless she was in an emotional state. He was equally as still. He just stared across the small table. Said nothing. She remained in the same position. Were they having a breakup conversation? Bad news? Some trauma-stunned revelation? No, she was texting.
I wondered why it took so long to get a simple cup of coffee. With only a couple of people in front of me, why was this small line going so slow? Texting? No, morning coffee on a credit card.
"He's either schizophrenic or has a bluetooth in his ear." How many times lately have I said that or you thought that? These are the new circumstances of our changing age. I watch my niece's 18 month old look at a computer screen, point to and press a button on a CD player, and marvel at the in-car images on the traveling DVD screen. His great grandmother can barely say DVD (it comes out more like VD) yet he knows all about cause and effect.
I wonder what happens to all the card swiping data generated? Supposedly there are profiles and conclusions drawn by credit card companies and financial institutions all the time. I must confess I'm a bit paranoid about my debit choices. All kinds of hypotheses are being formed.
The experts tell us that using cash is emotional, therefore we spend less. Shhsh! Don't tell my bank I said that. It's true though. If you can feel it in your hand, see it going here and there. Feel the wallet diminish. It's bound to have an impact.
Is this a collision course? Fifty years from now we'll have no need for money; just the concept. Just think what that will do to pop culture and music. Maybe there is a new root of all evil on the horizon. All 16 numbers.

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