Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Pain

I've got a new dentist. Not a bad guy, but very talkative. In fact, going to this dentist is all about stimulation. Let me say now that going to the dentist is probably my least favorite thing. In fact, I'm sure it is. It's not the pain; it's thinking about the possibility of pain. So going there is always a big deal for me. Then, when I'm all but disabled orally, he starts conversations. The kind I can't respond to with a simple uh huh or even a thumb's up or down.
Yesterday he suddenly announced that he was going Vegan for a month. I was curious why just for a month, but of course, was unable to get my "internal" question answered. It got humorous when he was talking to his assistant about butter substitutes and I kept trying to figure out how to communicate OLIVE OIL.
This office also features a TV for the enjoyment of patients. That's so unlike anything I'm used to that it raises some interesting issues. What channel do I want, for example. I wonder how many people opt for something middle of the road because it's safe. "Oh just put on the Today show or the news, but they are secretly lusting after HBO or some inane entertainment show, or maybe even like me, the horse racing channel or ESPN. But I wonder, does that really make the experience any different? I can't imagine watching something I enjoy like a beautiful fly fishing show while managing the anxiety and pain. Who needs that kind of conditioning.
Also in the area of avoiding pain are some recent observations by people with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Sarah Palin continues to charm the ignorant. She is truly the incarnation of simplistic. But make no mistake, dangerous, very dangerous. And then I heard Sherry Shepherd, of The View fame, dis The Who after their Super Bowl halftime show. She'd never heard of them; say no more. She couldn't get past their age. Guess what, we all get gray hair eventually. (lots I could add here, but I'm evolved and won't take the low road) As one critic pointed out, she'd never have done Stevie Wonder that way. But I'll forgive her, she just needs to be educated.
Question: Is the music business really as bad as it seems these days, or is it just me?

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