Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Do

Today I bought a couple of tickets to an upcoming concert. Finally. Something so simple seemed to bring great relief. Here's why: I made the decision to go without waiting for a handful of friends who expressed interest but have been unable to act.
It's the Carolina Chocolate Drops outdoor concert at the Oregon Zoo. Great venue, perfect time of the year. July in Portland can be ideal. I just couldn't wait for anyone who was still "thinking" about going to decide. Things don't happen when people think too much. That's what I'm coming to believe.
Oh, I know it's not such a big deal, but there is a bigger picture here. Doing is important. Thinking about doing is often ineffective. It's my new mantra.
I've lost a few fly fishing buddies too. Nobody died, not yet. But one friend has been seriously ill, another unwilling to travel to Portland, another a new father, (he's in his 30s) and another is a gamble because he's never fly fished before and believe me, that's work. I'm still contemplating going away for a few days alone, but that's always dicey, and never as fun. But the time to do has come. Even a simple act like making a decision to go somewhere or do something that you really enjoy, that your need to preserve your sanity, that brings you pleasure...can be crippling.

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