Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grocery Store 2010

I walk half a mile to my local the grocery store,
I leave with one bag of popcorn and 38 words on a receipt;
4 inches of paper that includes the time and date, my cashier today's name, and reminders that
if I click, they deliver,

Today I returned to to the "friendliest store in town" to buy a paring knife.
It came on a card shaped like a green apple and included a protective blade cover;
Pictured were one lemon, one orange, one tomato, and one green apple because the knife
comes in "Colors Inspired by Nature."
The green apple nature inspired card also told me that my new paring knife is
a Swiss innovation
made from Japanese stainless steel
It warns of sharp edges and to keep out of reach of children in English, Spanish, and French,
The paring knife, like most everything I purchase was
Made in China

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