Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper? Plastic? ...Poetry

B.L. Greene

Poetry and Groceries
My grocery store offers more than food,
Fiery temptations to taste aged cheese, compare olive oils, or sip free trade grinds,
So I take time,
deter impulse,
advance ideas,

In the WholeOatsWildSeasonsNewFoods grocery store hides a magazine rack,
Beyond health and current affairs, sidestepping Gourmet, Outside, and Harpers
My eyes rest on Poetry Northwest,
Two chairs, like campfire stumps, invite.
I read poetry
buying toilet paper,
admire similes
before spinach.
Yesterday, while camped,
a poet takes me to Market Street at dusk,
riding the streetcar into the amber breast of darkness,
looking for a lover in red shoes.

I must not forget to pick up milk.

The boundaries of age and wisdom make me an observer now,
Each day youth depreciates like an oak desk,
An atrophied bank account,
A fine wine,

But in the market aisles, I’m finding unbridled joy in bread sampled,
the palate of apples,
a butcher’s banter,

Hours later, I see myself at 30 in the eyes of a coffeehouse model.
Brushing crumbs off her Levied thighs,
talking to her computer screen,
Must I avert my eyes?

It’s her black cowboy boots I want most.

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