Saturday, January 21, 2012


Recently, I was given the opportunity to make a small poster about my life as a teacher. As a fan of the medium of collage, I had no trouble deciding which way to go. Then the entire world of computer software opened up to me and I found myself fascinated with how easy it is to throw down a melange of meaningful images. See what I mean:

I'm still playing with all the possibilities of this software, but it appears it is well worth the expense. I'm supposed to sell myself, as it were, to a group of beginning teachers by making this poster so they can learn a bit about my academic and social self. Perhaps I should say selves. In doing this, it occurred to me that I can easily make a lesson out of this inquiry lesson. What questions will the viewers ask? What will be assumed correctly and incorrectly from the images I've chosen?
If I were to replace each image here with a half a dozen other images, what conclusions might be drawn. Lastly, how difficult is it to accurately say something about yourself in a photo collage. For those reading this entry, any responses to these any any other questions would be appreciated.

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