Sunday, March 4, 2012

On The Surface

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday night, I turned to put something back into the refrigerator. Pivoting around to the counter to retrieve my dish, I noticed what appeared to be a stray hair over my eyelash. Not so. Maybe a bug or a stray gnat. Nope. I decided to wash my face. That didn't help either. Then it hit me. It's a "floater."
Yup, I've developed a floater on one of my eyes. In case you don't know what that is, I'll tell you. A floater is a microscopic bit of protein that breaks away inside the eye. They normally occur as one ages. Floaters can take a number of forms; some see shapes or circles, some see spots or cobweb like shadows. Mine is dark gray to black. It's buggy in every sense of the word. Not too bad when I look straight ahead, like drive or watch TV. When I read it really bothers me. It's like a bug moving with your eyes.
I went to my eye doc a few days ago and got good news. My eyes are healthy. That helps. But now it's a waiting game. Perhaps it will go away in time. Perhaps it won't get worse. I've heard that some people are dealing with bursts of floaters like a pepper shaker spilled all over your field of vision. Then there is that wonderful organ, the brain. Our brains will compensate for things like floaters. After a while they can train themselves to look past and beyond. I hope that happens.
Some little disturbance that suddenly appears is a good way to put your life in perspective in a hurry. Sure I'm frustrated. My little flying friend is circling the screen as I write this, reminding me of its presence constantly. But it could be worse.
I guess it's a good thing that I can't get too much sympathy from my friends and family. They quit asking about it early on. My doc says that the considerable amount of reading or time online that I spend really will not affect this condition. Sure it affects eye strain, but it can't do damage according to her.
I, however, am still looking for the message. Does this mean I need to make a change? I certainly could get more exercise now that the weather is changing and Spring seems to be on the way. Does it mean that I really should do more fishing? I think so. Going to get my fly rod out this week. I'm going to clean the fly line and fondle my flies. That's right, I like to look at them, ruffle the hackle a bit and arrange them in boxes designated for specific streams and lakes I like. Pretty soon I'll be the floater...staring straight ahead.

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