Monday, July 30, 2012

The Other Side

July folds into August.  I'm fortunate to be writing this from a cabin on the Metolius River in Central Oregon.  Not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but one that seems to remain unchanged, with it's ever flowing water that springs from the side of a mountain.  I've been coming here for almost two decades, but one notable difference this time is the fact that I'm seeing the river and it's  environs from the other side.  I've always seen the water flowing to my right, but now it's on my left side.  Although the remedy is simple (cross over ) it got me thinking about fresh perspectives on things I take for granted.
The other night, while watching a baseball game, one of the announcers mentioned that he'd been thinking about the game of baseball with only one pitch per batter.
"What if they changed the rules," he said, and each at bat was just one pitch."  Intriguing, not to mention the game would certainly speed up.  You miss, you're out.  A ball, you walk.  Foul ball, you're out.  Really intriguing now.
I fear that could happen one day.  After all, the case for faster, quicker, non-stop everything is already being made.  From trains to cars to internet service...why not baseball?
But what's lost?  Watching a game of baseball, like fishing the Metolius River is never the same.  Something you've never seen before can happen any time.

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