Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cold and Colder

This month is easing out the door. I've had no voice for the last few days due to one of those colds that hang out at mortuaries. Easy to see how one could just deteriorate after a couple of weeks of hacking and sneezing. No strength, hard to breathe, no appetite ...for anything... So this is how it ends? Still, things get done, Spring hovers then drifts away and dissolves into the promise to finish those blossoms now tugging on stems and branches all over town. Next month will be better. Next month will bring baseball and a fishing license, and perhaps a car was that will last for a week. For now it's another variation on chicken soup, convulsive nights, drag your ass to here and there mornings and afternoon naps. I'm not sure this is just a bad cold. Everything is so ovr the top anymore, can't even slip out of a cold in a couple of days anymore.

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