Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Middle of May and in the top of the news:  Tornados, government scandal(s), terrorist attacks and terrorist investigations, floods, firestorms, drought, and uncommonly wet weather.  One sensational trial ends and four more are waiting in the wings.  No Triple Crown winner, No legislation to impact gun ownership, marriage to the one you love, or how we spend our money.  Congress is broken.  Politicians can't see beyond the next election.  Our national "stew" is pretty thin these days.  As Woody Guthrie noted in his famous "Talkin' Dust Bowl Blues," ...."Maybe if it had been a just little bit thinner some of these here politicians coulda seen through it."  They can't comprehend the millions they impact.

There is definitely something wrong with the climate.  It's easy to have this discussion in the aftermath of a record-breaking tornado that leveled about 40 square miles in the state of Oklahoma.  And still they rebuild.

What does it take to set this latest event in perspective given Hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina?  Out West here we have fire seasons that come on the heels of drought.  We talk about and plan for earthquakes often.  In other parts of the Midwest we watch as people who make their homes in a flood plain try to hold back rivers.  And still they rebuild.
Today, as I await the official start of summer (post Memorial Day) I see that snow is falling in the national forest where I would like to go fly fishing.  Something is definitely going on with the climate.
I've followed the Jody Arias trial, probably a bit too much, but this trial, the defendant, and the media's role continue to fascinate.  Now that she's been found guilty of first degree murder by her peers, the hungry public awaits the verdict in the penalty phase.   Most of the general public and media commentators can't seem to get their heads around the concept of a sociopath.  That Ms. Arias is a sociopath, that is to say, she has no conscience, is difficult to fathom for most.  They continue to vent their anger at her.  I get that, but it's useless.  She is one of the 4 in every 100 that is incapable of moral emotions.  1 in 25.  They manipulate, they seduce.  They are not burdened in the least by remorse or guilt, or that most important emotion shame.  Save your breath.  They don't have a conscience.  You can pity them; they really love and desire that.  You can question their behavior and motivation, but the best thing you can do is to avoid them at all costs.  As one definition of sociopathy says, "...even unarmed, they are dangerous."

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