Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Be Prompt

Writers like to talk about writing.  They like to write about writing too.  Most of the time it's worthwhile.  In my writing group we often employed a feature where someone would "share" something about a writer, or an excerpt of writing that resonated with them.  This "share' could be anything, even a bio of a writer or a favorite poem.  It all helps to keep folks thinking critically.
So it was with similar interest that I somewhat reluctantly clicked a link that offered a daily writing prompt.  Even if I didn't write for 10 minutes a day based on the suggested prompt, I figured it's be a good thing.
I'm always interested in writing prompts.  I collect them on occasion.

So far I've written about accordions and been asked to consider what people say when they are uncomfortable.  Today the prompt is to simply write a scene about goggles.  Don't think I need to do that, although I will tell you the last time I tried on a pair of goggles I discovered something rather important for me who would snorkel or scuba dive.  That revelation is the fact that facial hair, especially a mustache really affects the seal you get.  The more the facial hair, the weaker the seal the more water leaks into your mask.
Onward:  I suspect each delivered writing prompt will elicit a scene or instance in my mind.  Those that actually get developed will depend on how intense or significant my reaction will be.  I plan to let a few of these jumpstarts sit a bit as well.  Sometimes the initial reaction is not the best one; sometimes it is.  What remains solid is that al prompts elicit something and it's time well spent.

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