Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First World Problems

First World Problems

    are minor inconveniences.
My password is temporarily blocked,
   and I haven't been able to find that brand
                       of crackers I like.
Why do some food items appear, endear,  and then disappear

The yellow plastic cap on the bathroom
    cleanser popped off and went down the toilet...
course I flushed it down but worried that I might block the
         pipes...It's probably at the sewage treatment plant by now.

How many days must I wait until I know
                for sure

that my picture wasn't taken by the "Your Speed Is...." contraption
on Hawthorne Blvd?

I wasn't able to get the elliptical machine at the gym that I usually use.  It's getting crowded
in there on the days I go most often.
Some folks don't check their email for days and I can't seem to find a morning newspaper
in the coin box anymore.
   Go paperless...go paperless...go paperless..
How many passwords will it take till they know
that too many passwords have died?

Another package in the neighborhood stolen
   off the front porch.
My car leaks...sometimes.
It's tax time again.

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