Friday, April 22, 2016

Mother Teresa Restored My TV

I had to do the Comcast dance again.  That's the game you play when you have a cable problem or your monthly fee abruptly rises without warning.  This time it was the TV.  I watch more news than the average person.  So when my morning dose never materialized, I soon found myself dancing with Comcast.
The picture that morning was replaced with a blue screen telling me that some software had to be downloaded and it might take a few minutes.  After the first hour went by, I decided to troubleshoot.  The online community soon informed me that I was not alone and that this message could last hours. But one of the posts suggested contacting a Comcast customer service rep online chat for quicker results.  That I did.  Within minutes I was chatting with someone who's name was Materesa.  Not sure if she was in India, but she was very courteous and attempted to solicit some information and fix my problem.  Ma caught me immediately, and even in my frustrated state, I had the feeling that a miracle was suddenly possible.  After resending my signal, this saintly woman informed me that there was still some sort of interference and that I needed to schedule an appointment and perhaps have the little cable box replaced.  This I did.  After offering me a few things I did not want or need, she began to sign off.  Then a sort of download box appeared on the blue screen.  Bright red.  I started to type in the reply box, "What is that red bar slowing moving on my screen...when the online chat ended.  I left the TV on and in about 15 minutes the download box was slowly turning from red to orange to yellow to light green to deep, vivid green.  This looked like a positive sign.  I watched and waited.  In another 10 minutes a message appeared telling me not to "switch off" the TV.  I let it be.  10 more minutes passed.  The messages came faster now and I watch the miracle unfold as my system "powered up" and then "connected to the platform."  5 more minutes passed and then I was back to normal or as my old grandfather would say, I was "cookin' with gas."  I'm not exactly sure what transpired that morning, but I prefer to think that Mother Teresa...and her power to produce miracles, restored my TV. I cancelled the service appointment.

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