Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stepping Out

I stepped out of my life for a week. a snakeskin or a bad habit that's been gnawing on your soul for far too long.  Didn't walk away, just floated down a highway until I couldn't take the exhaust fumes and the landscape that crumbled in sunlight.

Stepped into a life where people talk far too loudly and share their persona anxieties with everyone in earshot.  A land where summer dictates the clothing and cars run over everything.
I stepped out of my life and let it place for a week.
My life in limbo is all that exists for this week.  Nothing else captures my attention because it isn't there. It is frozen in time, longing to exist and incapable of anything more than a memory.
I stepped to of my life to a land not wholly strange.  A onetime home on hills that stand and stare back.
I stepped into thinking about going back.

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