Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Imagining the Positive

Today I read a short piece in an online literary magazine about robots that can now write poetry.  This type of "Artificial Intelligence" uses algorithms to churn out complex imagery and messages from the heart.  Is this an example of because we can or is it perhaps something to be welcomed.  We can't stop it but the contradictory nature of this genre seems to be something we might learn from.  At least it seems to be.

Perhaps there is a slippery slope here.  If the trend of replacing humans with robots goes uncontrolled, what can human beings expect for future generations.  This could go two ways.  There's an idea for a novel: one scenario, two possible outcomes.  I see the dark version already.  It's probably the one that would win out and that explains why so many dystopic views of the future are so negative.  They abound.  From the Hollywood tropes like "Wayward Pines," to some of the classic literary versions that continue to pour off the presses and entice young adult readers.  But it is the positive side that needs some attention lately.
Just imagine how easy and stress free life might be if humans had nothing more to do but improve and protect the environment and work on their own happiness.  Of course it's not that simple, but there is a possibility of an optimistic future in there somewhere, just this side of John Lennon's Imagine.

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