Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Harm

What a funny little experience I had today. While backing out of a parking place in my local grocery store, another driver didn't see me and began to back up shortly after I began. We tapped back bumpers. Immediately, we both rolled forward back into our original places, got out and greeted each other. "No harm, no foul," said the gray frizzy haired woman about my age. I glanced at the back of my truck and then at her sedan. Apparently not even a mark.
"I'm glad you didn't hear what I said," she continued. Before I could respond, she leaned forward and gave me a hug; a real hug. While in this sudden embrace she continued, "This is nothing; much more important things to think about, yes a hug is good. OK." She was definitely calling the shots. Then, inspecting her car one more time, she noticed a slight tear in her tail light. "I think that happened because your bumper is higher than mine. But it's nothing to worry about." She was trying hard to convince herself. I agreed with everything she said.
We both returned to our cars. I waited. When her back-up lights went on, I waited, making sure only one of us was moving this time. She rolled slowly out of the parking lot, and out of my life forever. A hug...on Valentine's Day.

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Kalirati said...

Wow. That would happen to you, Bruce. Amazing encounter.