Sunday, February 3, 2008

Odds and Ends

So Exxon Oil achieved some corporate distinction the other day by being the first company to post earnings of $34 Billion (that's Billion with a B) That's not really a surprise, but what's fascinating is that according to an online poll 85% of respondents find that statistic troubling, while 64% said they NEVER fill up at an Exxon station.  Makes me wonder about the other oil companies earnings.  But maybe there are no other oil companies.  I wonder what percentage of respondents believe there is really only 1 oil company? 
 Reminds me of a little town in Northern California with three Basque restaurants.  A friend of mine once suggested that all three serve the same food.  Each restaurant is connected by an underground tunnel with one large kitchen serving all three.  I can just see the waiters and waitresses all converging on the massive kitchen from three angles, dressed very differently but serving the same food.  Nobody knows the difference. They may suspect something is up, but it's too outrageous to suggest.  Hmmm...
As my once dark brown hair becomes dusted with silver I've noticed the "S" word being used more and more in my direction.  Not that "S" word, another: " Sir."  Who says young people don't respect their elders? Sometimes I could use a little less of that respect.  Sir always smacks of class for me.  Either that or militarism.  I don't have much use for either. I know they mean well, and I'm probably just being overly sensitive to my more mature look. I'll bet George Clooney doesn't get called sir as much as I do. Not being one to complain, I'm actually  delighted that my hair color can turn but the amount stays the same.   Salt and pepper are necessities; they make things taste better.

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