Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mas o Menos

The feeding frenzy on Judge Sotomayor is on. One line out of context and the pundits and politicos are "Rush" ing to make judgments of their own. Isn't it logical that a self-made Latina might have a different perspective than any of the nine, eight, or seven, old men on the court. Aside from the fact that suddenly the critics are concerned with the intent of the law and the true meaning of blinded Justice, (Where were they when Scottsboro, Executive Order 9066, Plessy V. Ferguson, Dred Scott, went down)
What particularly amuses me is in their zeal to have this discussion, many of the old line media types can't even get her name right. Sota mayer is what I keep hearing. So the witch hunt is on. With Fox News leading the charge, the appointment will be dissected in short one liners out of context and political posturing. It'll be tab sploited in simple to understand pronouncements that compare the judge to everyone from David Duke of the KKK to Obama's former minister.
Just in time for summer, coming to a theater near you, don't miss this 3 month blockbuster. See how we take the enchanting story of the poor, unfortunate Latino family, who, despite the odds, enter the sacred halls of Princeton, and then Harvard. See how they take this most American of stories and parse, and plunder, question and quake, analyze and agonize. The only thing missing will be two minute and 2 second commercials from General Motors or Chrysler. While they take a moment to re-size, McDonald's new sugar laden espresso drinks will take the spotlight.
The good news is that this hearing will take the better part of the summer. Can't be too careful when you've got 500 channels to fill and 480 of them are devoted to sound bytes and hollering heads.
It's going to be a hot one, so get yurself some Taco Bell or Fresh Mex or at the very least a Margarita (someone must be making a syrupy strawberry one...esp if the farmworkers don't strike) and some chips and guac. Maybe a wait, she's Puerto Rican...what do they eat?

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