Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Move Me

It's all over. I'm 98.8% moved in. The trail from NE Portland to SE Portland covered 100 miles in 5 days. Given that my new home is about 3 miles from the old one, that's about 16 trips across town. Where did all the stuff we had come from? I swear I've paired down my books by the hundreds in the last few years. I've gotten rid on a couple of file cabinets, a working printer, lots of clothes I don't wear anymore and a number of collectibles that made their new owners very happy.
I still have work to do. But for now, it's over.
We're trying to find new places for our old belongings. Everything is still in boxes. I don't know where anything is and right now, I don't care.
I don't ever want to move again, but I know I will. Maybe just one more time.

We hired two guys from Thunder Movers. They were efficient, courteous, and very strong. They were also reasonable and on time. Doug and Corey. A tall thin white guy and a husky black guy. Laughing, sweating, lifting, placing, removing doors when necessary, thanking, appreciating. No Laurel and Hardy types.
Now the real fun begins: finding all the secrets of the new home.

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