Thursday, March 17, 2016

Polar Opposites

The current Presidential election season is affording us many new things.  Aside from the apparent hostility on the Republican side, there are a number of other firsts that have so many people on all sides of the political spectrum questioning how we got where we seem to be.
In all the descriptions and proposed explanations we hear the word polarized. Yes we are quite polarized as a nation.  Nothing new.  If we know our history, we know the long story of our differences. We know the wars, battles, and tragedies that have resulted.  In fact, a peak at the conversation and costumes currently on display reveals that we haven't really made all that much progress.

The candidacy of Donald Trump and his megalomaniac, narcissist, brash toying with the media and his followers has only revealed what was always there.  The racism, intolerance, and dumbed down analysis of the problems and challenges facing this country play perfectly into the hearts and minds of the hateful.  Their pain becomes displaced onto those most vulnerable.  The manipulated smile, they cheer and now, increasingly they lash out.
What if we took our polarization to heart and did something about it?  What if we created two countries out of the two poles that separate us?  Not really a blue state and a red state, but two separate countries where cultural values would be agreed upon.  One might have a government where  there is no gun control and abortion is illegal.  One might have a government where health care is provided for all and education is free.  How much happier would we be?  Would all the stress that results from our current division be eliminated?  Tempting, no?
It's been suggested many times.  Boundary lines have been drawn and artist conceptions, complete with new names, abound.  Who gets what?  Who would go where if we follow through on a national divorce?  Perhaps our values would prevent us from even getting beyond these basic steps.  How fascinating, though to live in a country that is truly united.

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