Thursday, March 31, 2016

Some Signs

There are some signs of good things ahead,
A crow scolds trying to in habit last year's nest,
Housing prices have increased everywhere and you
Don't always get what you pay for.
People still smile and say hello,
That's huge in this economy,
Everything you've ever subscribed to or given support
To has come due at the end of this month,
It's not even April 1st, so it can't be whisked away,
Tough choices,

But pre-schoolers still parade in front of your window,
They continue to grab heartstrings,
(Does the heart have strings?)
There are no strings attached, no?
My waistline remains the same, the Giants will play for keeps
Next week and I get to buy a 2016 Fishing License,
Afternoons lengthen,
Rain will continue, for a bit,
but some signs, linger and glow,
good things ahead.

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